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The African American Marshall Plan | Creating Our Own Reparations and How to Achieve It

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Rebuilding Our Communities

Throughout time people and countries have prospered because of peace and stability within a particular region. America herself along with the world knows this and created the Marshall Plan that went into effect after WWII to help rebuild Europe. From this foundation of peace and stability, you can provide economic assistance and this will allow those downtrodden people to rebuild themselves and their country or community. When that peace and stability are lacking the economic, political, and social growth of a people is not possible, or at least not to the extent that it could be.

Peace and stability do not automatically emanate from the laws that are decreed. Peace and stability emanate from the individuals themselves who adhere to the laws.

Unfortunately, African Americans have not known complete peace or stability in their own country. And Black Americans definitely have not received an infusion of cash to actually lift themselves up that is free of political, social, economic, legal, and educational barriers that existed at or near the levels that happened in Europe after WWII. Just look below at how far Europe has come since then.

What Happened to Europe after WWII with peace and stability and an infusion of investments can happen in every American inner city.


While it is undeniably true, America is indebted to its black citizens and shall remain so for the raping, dehumanizing, family destruction, mental anguish, psychological torment, physical depravity, and economic disenfranchisement for hundreds of years. Even with all that, America will have a hard time finding the political will to give 40 plus million African Americans reparations, free of the barriers mentioned above.

Do we as the descendants of those who were enslaved, lived through the black codes, Jim Crow, our vote denied, Red Lining, the denial of good-paying jobs, and careers denied for generations thus depriving every subsequent generation of the possibility of generational wealth deserve reparations, without question.

But How Do We Get There?

Looking through the lens of our anguish and torment we see Black Americans with an unyielding ability to persevere in the face of presumed insurmountable odds. And in the face of those odds, we overcame them. I will say it again, we, as in my and your ancestors our great great great grandparents, great-great-grandparents, great grandparents, grandparents, and parents have overcome great indignities to our human self-worth. This inner mental and emotional fortitude does not just reside in those who came before us but is kindling in you and me right now.


How We Re-Build Ourselves and Our Communities

We must turn that kindling into a raging inferno of mental and emotional fortitude. Solely focused on transforming ourselves and our communities. But, we can no longer wait on America to provide the path forward because she, herself, is still trying to overcome her sordid past.

But together, with just 400,000 African Americans (or any American) donating $25 a month ($6.25 a week), we can raise 10 million dollars a month. 120 million dollars a year and 1.2 billion over 10 years. This can be the initial funding of our own Marshal Plan effectively giving ourselves our own reparations. I have created the Hopeful Vibes Initiative (where you can donate NOW) to administer the collection of the money and its distribution in the 10 largest inner cities in America.


With 1.2 Billion Over 10 Years

Where Do We Focus The Money and Why


It is time for African Americans to use our unbound creativity and ingenuity to foster a community with unbridled success. We fund this transformation of ourselves and our community initially via cooperative investments in IT, healthcare, and personal and professional education. Personal and professional education is so we can throw off the mental constraints that erect barriers to our own upliftment. And the IT and healthcare education is so we can compete and get the sought-after high-paying positions.

The 10 largest inner cities in America will each receive 1 million dollars a month that will fund the IT, healthcare, and personal and professional development programs across America. With the IT program I have created, we can train 15,000 adults a year along with 300 very high-paying teaching/facilitator positions. All of this will take place in the very heart of our inner cities. We can train ourselves for the IT and healthcare jobs that are in such high demand right now and will be for the next 10 years.

How IT (Information Technology) Training Can Transform A Community

  • The IT, Professional, and Personal Growth of the participant allows them to better provide for their children and themselves

  • Allow single parents and adults with training to lift themselves out of poverty

  • Children whose parents earn in the upper to high-income bracket succeed at a much higher rate

  • Parents succeeding at work and children succeeding in the school will have an outsized impact on the neighborhood in which they live

  • Higher income-earning adults in the inner city will provide a higher tax base for improved social institutions in the community

  • Libraries

  • Parks

  • Roads

  • Schools

  • Better equipment for students

  • Higher pay for teachers

Additionally, I have taken the economic step of creating a business whose sole purpose is to uplift those in the inner city by giving 75% of all profits to the Hopeful Vibes Initiative (reparations) investment in the 10 largest inner cities in America. With the 400,000 giving $25 a month (totaling 10 million a month) and my company giving 75% of its profits (very best estimate 100 million a year), we can invest 220 million every year in our inner cities. Every 5 years that is 1.1 billion, our upliftment is literally within our grasp, we just have to seize it.

We can eradicate poverty, crime, hunger, drug abuse, and suicides. We can give those single parents and young adults training to allow them to get high-paying IT jobs available in abundance in the 10 largest inner cities. This will reduce those on government assistance and increase taxes received by the federal government. It will strengthen our families and begin to rebuild our communities with the hope for a better future that we create. With the transformation of Black America, America can enter a phase of entrepreneurship, discovery, economic prosperity, and growth unparalleled anywhere in the world.

America currently is the ideal, that all others want to strive for and live by. I want America to be a living example of her ideals. We can lead by example and not just with words. We have within us the seed to plant our own greatness. Let us get to it.

Be a part of the Hopeful Vibes Initiative of 220 million dollars yearly investment in the 10 largest inner cities. Join the movement, download the app (Hopeful Vibes) from the Apple app store and subscribe and know that you are funding a paradigm shift in how corporate America views its responsibility toward helping society.

You can also be a part of the Hopeful Vibes movement (reparations) and become one of the 400,000 by donating ($6.25 A Week) to (Hopeful Vibes Initiative).

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